Saturday, June 7, 2014


Wooooow. It's been a while~

What's worse is I had a blog post pretty much written, but never published it. That was apparently in March. Yikes~

Well, with that in mind, all I can say is "sorry." I've been working through a lot of issues in my life between a work/life balance that is effective, and a few minor health issues. Just so you know, I'm fine and well now, so yay.

I've published a few other stories between my last post and this one. I plan on adding a comprehensive list of all my work onto another page, with a link at the top.

I can't help but feel really guilty that I've let my blog just kind of sit here. It seems so lonely. ;_;

Anyway, I plan on finishing up the Tentacles on Earth series in the next month and a half-ish, as long as I can continue to keep on my self-imposed work schedule.

I realize that I'm chasing far too many series at once, so I need to just get that one done, then move on to either Pandora North, or Trials of a Priestess, and then get that done before moving on to my next thing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is '[I] LACK DISCIPLINE!"

It makes me feel really guilty that I'm going on vacation next week-ish. Not that it was my idea or anything~ But ya know, you're not always in control of what obligations your significant other has to help with.

I wanna sleep... x_x;

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tentacle Breeding on Earth 3: Connections

Tentacle Breeding on Earth part 3~! The next piece in this epic story that has been going nearly as long as I've been writing is now available on most major ebook retailers. This sequel to Invasion of the Tentacle Creatures has been slow so far, but zomg, in a chapter or so, shit is about to get craaaaazy~ :D

Alexandra is having disturbing dreams where she’s the Queen of Earth. Alluring visions of herself as an alien, tentacle-possessed creature flood her mind. After she’s awoken from the dream, she can only help but jokingly discard the sexy, seductive temptation that is beckoning her toward urges she’s been fighting for so long. Will Alexandra be able to control herself around the other crew members, or is she really the Queen of Earth—destined to dominate everyone on board the space station?

This 5,800 word erotic short story contains adult situations and is only suitable for mature audiences.

Available from:

An excerpt from Tentacle Creatures on Earth 3: Connections
* * * * * * * * * *
Alex’s hand covered her face in frustration while she rubbed her eyes. She felt the rage building up in her once again, the voice inside of her own head urging her to take control of it all again—to overrun the space station with numbers. Samantha leaned in close, nuzzling lovingly against her Queen. Her fingertips caressed down Alex’s side and over her crotch to tease over her thick, alien cock. Alex was a little surprised at first while she curiously glanced to her lover.
Samantha was grinning. She wrapped her fingers around the flaccid length and squeezed playfully. She would have done anything to help her lover relax and think straight. Up and down, her fist pumped along that length. Alex groaned and leaned back, silently urging Sam to carry on.
The blonde grinned and continued to stroke the alien length. Her Queen’s cock was the most wonderful member she had ever seen, and was worth the praise that Sam bestowed it with. It was thick, only barely allowing Sam to wrap her fingers around it. It was a cock in function and only slightly in resemblance. The throbbing green-hued tentacle that jutted from Alex’s crotch was ribbed, hard, and topped with the most magnificent of crimson cockheads. The slit at the tip was oozing the addictive cum as it was coaxed into arousal.

Sam leaned over, dutifully wrapping her lips around the needy length and suckling on it as she was expected to. She didn’t care that two of Alex’s trusted advisers were watching. It only turned the blonde on, making her want to continue that much more. She bobbed up and down the length, swirling her tongue around the head. Soft moans escaped from her lips while she reached down to caress over Alex’s heavy balls. Sam squeezed a few times before her digits ventured a little lower, easing beneath Alex’s balls to access her Queen’s pussy.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tales of the WereWoman

Aaawwwoooo~ Wait, no. No, not that kind of Were-being. Um, this is a little different.

Sure, we've all heard the stories that involve a man becoming a wolf on a full moon--giving in to his primal urge for violence. But, what if a man just became a woman--and desperately had to fight back the urges of being a sex-crazed nympho? If you said, "Oh shit, I'm so there" then that's great! This story is for you! :D And yes, I do have a sequel already brewing in my dirty little mind.

Tales of the WereWoman (Gender Transformation Feminization Erotica)

Available on:

Greg is kind of a wreck. He spends all of his free time in a bar after his girlfriend dumps him. But, things are looking up for him as a gorgeous redhead aggressively wants to have sex with him in a public bathroom. Life is great for at least a little while… until Greg pisses off the smoking-hot redhead and she bites him!

Little does Greg know, this bite comes with more than just a scar and a story. Will he be able to control the carnal urges that come with his new body when he’s confronted by a handsome, mysterious man that apparently already knows him?

This 6,700 word erotic short story contains situations of a sexual nature.

An excerpt from Tales of the WereWoman
* * * * * * * * * *
The stranger still advanced until he was pressing against Greg. He could feel a hardness pressing against his waist through the man’s pants. Greg’s eyes were wide with shock as he stared into his lust-filled gaze. In that moment, it was like a switch was turned on in Greg’s head, as if the biological signals to his transformed body were pushing his mind toward an otherwise unthinkable option. He was starting to like the feeling of the man rubbing against him. His shocked expression slowly softened. He was still too frightened to act, but it didn’t stop the stranger from placing his hands on Greg’s flared hips.
“I didn’t catch your name last time. You were really drunk for… a lot of the time we spent talking,” he chuckled nervously, seemingly realizing how terrible it was that they hooked up at all.
“Gre—” he paused, extending the ‘E’ sound of his name for an abnormal amount of time, “Gretchen…! Yeah, I’m Gretchen. That,” she paused again, nodding with an unsure smile, “is my name.”
“Hm, Gretchen. Okay.” He nodded. “That makes a little more sense. Every time you said it last time, it almost sounded like ‘Greg’,” he laughed as he caressed his hands over her sides. “I guess that shows how drunk we were.”
Gretchen chuckled uneasily while her hands moved toward his hips. They shook fearfully before she placed them on the stranger’s belt, digging her finger tips into the top of his jeans. “A-and what was your name? I’m really bad with names… especially when I’m, ya know, that drunk…”
“Okay then, Tom. M-maybe we should go somewhere else? Or get a drink? M-maybe go back to your place?” She tried her best to diffuse the situation, but the urge to continue was beginning to beat her normal instincts. This needed to end quickly before Greg was no longer in control.
“This place is good enough for now. It’s nice and intimate, and we won’t be bothered since there aren’t that many people here tonight. And if we are, then fuck ‘em—the door’s locked.” Tom smirked as he buried his face against Gretchen’s neck and began to lick and nibble at the exposed flesh.

Gretchen’s eyes widened in surprise as these new sensations flowed through her body. It was like little, electric pulses coursing down her spine and radiating out all the way to her finger tips and toes. And most of all, she felt an unfamiliar tingling urge within her stomach. She didn’t know what it was at first, but the longer Tom teased her, the easier it became to know that she wanted to fuck.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wal-Mart & The Glitch of Destiny

So, there was a glitch on Wal-Mart's website the other night. It was a ridiculous glitch that made some very recent video game releases up to 50-60% off in some cases. Some very nice bikes were found to be in excess of $100 off retail price. Even some very fancy Samsung LED TVs were very cheap!

It was a very exciting night of... not sleeping because I kept refreshing the thread on CheapAssGamer while hoping for news of other things to be put on sale. Any items that were sold during this time were refunded for the most part. However, some lucky sons of bitches who were way smarter than I put in their order with in-store pick-up... which allowed them to go into the respective Wal-Mart and get the heavily discounted item which they were originally sold.

I've heard tale of different experiences with this scenario. Some waltzed in, picked up their fancy-pants 55" Samsung LED TVs and left without a problem--and took pictures of the multiple TV boxes that now filled their vehicles. Oh, these TVs were only around $360, as opposed to the $1,100 that they normally go for. Again, I say, those lucky sons of fucking bitches. I am certainly jealous of your ridiculous hauls of loot.

It was only after my order of GTA V, Shin Megami Tensei, Luigi's Mansion, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Pokemon Y, and Battlefield 4 that I realized that even with my best intentions of early Christmas shopping did I realize the complete waste of time that I was creating by even placing the order. I knew it was going to be canceled the moment I clicked the "Submit Order" button.

In-store pick-up was my only hope for my Wal-Mart loot. I quickly placed another order, only to find that GTA5 and BF4 weren't available anymore. Oh, if only I was smarter and quicker then my Christmas shopping would have been nearly finished. I fumbled with the slow check-out process as thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people were now rushing the site. Either way, I ended up with Pokemon, Mario & Luigi, and Luigi's Mansion for in-store pick-up.

I went about my day, fully expecting my original order to be canceled. It was. And then Wal-Mart refunded only a portion of the money. Er, what? Where's my money, you sluts?! And then I check my order status. They shipped SOMETHING. WHAT?! ...Luigi's Mansion. Er, well, okay. Damn. It couldn't be the games I needed as presents? Hmph.

So, yeah. I'd normally feel bad about any kind of thing like this where I was taking advantage of a company's problem. But, it's Wal-Mart, and they're a terrible company that treats its employees like shit. And no, I don't know from experience, but come on. Those greeters aren't happy. They're like a modern day Charon, ushering you into a bright, florescent hell of oddly priced items--as if seeing the .96 makes me more prone to buy it than a .99.

And you can't tell me that the clientele of Wal-Mart doesn't sometimes remind you of deformed and deranged demonic entities. There's always at least that one person that you avoid. You don't go down that aisle when they're on it, if you're passing by them in one of the larger 2-lane aisles, you don't hesitate to get a display of chips between yourself and them. 

No one in Wal-Mart is happy, except those that escape.

Hm, I guess the moral of this story is, I have 3DS games now. :|

The Bimbo Dickgirl Experiment 2

It's Wednesday~! Well, it was Wednesday. I forgot to post this here today. I'm terrible. :(

Anyway, the new release schedule (Yeah, I have a schedule now... maybe!) is Wednesdays and Saturdays. I'm going to try to stick to it as close as possible as see how far that gets me.

So, this is a sequel that I wasn't sure I'd be writing until one day the idea came together all of a sudden. There will at least be a third section, but I'm not sure that really wraps up their story. Either way, I think I'm aiming for next Saturday's release being the third chapter of the Bimbo Dickgirls. Until then, enjoy part 2!

In this sequel, Sheri has a boring new job on the college campus. She passes the time working the kinks out of her futanari pills, but the formula just won’t work any other way. Frustrated, Sheri reminisces of a time when she and her girlfriend, Maria, were using the pills—only to be discovered by their neighbors. Will the couple have a lot to explain, or will they be making room for two more in their bed?

This 5,700 word erotic short story contains adult themes and elements not suitable for minors.

Available from Amazon
Available from B&N
(Kobo... soon to come...)
Available from Smashwords

An excerpt from The Bimbo Dickgirl Experiment 2
* * * * * * * * * *
Soon enough, it didn’t matter as Maria’s cock had completely sprouted above her pussy and was pressing against Sheri’s stomach, further distracting the brunette of what little was left of her thought process. Sheri gripped Maria’s ass, squeezing and kneading the toned flesh of her rear before laying back onto the bed to allow her lover to press her massive length between her perfect, plush breasts.
Maria giggled, glancing down at Sheri with a seductive look in her eyes that showed her unquenchable lust toward the other woman. “Like, I’ll totally pay you, baby… with all the cock you can take!” The former redhead ground her throbbing length between Sheri’s large tits while straddling her chest.
It was growing harder for Sheri to concentrate as she tried to explain herself. Feeling the other woman’s cock sliding so slickly between her breasts, she glanced down to see the head of Maria’s member pushing up to practically bump against her chin. She even noticed that her hands somehow found their way to either side of her breasts, pushing them together to make a nice, tight fit around her lover’s cock. The longer Sheri thought about it, the less whatever was on her mind mattered at all. She grinned while wrapping her lips around the head and suckling while giving a moan of pleasure which further stimulated Maria’s needy pole.

Even the act of giving head turned Sheri on so much. She felt the familiar sensation of her own cock springing from her crotch, complete with a heavy set of cum-filled balls to go along with it. It was a feeling that it was impossible to adapt to. It was the pride of knowing that her creation worked, even if she no longer had the brainpower to explain how and why it did so, mixed with the carnal sensations of fulfilling her deepest desires. The urges were overpowering by this point, with both women being fully transformed into beings that craved only the most lewd and depraved carnal sensations.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tentacle Breeding on Earth 2: Down Time

So, I've decided to just post the new release links here. Not sure I like the idea of slogging through all of my old things just for advertisement purposes. Chances are, if you're reading this blog, you already know that Invasion of the Tentacle Breeding Creatures 9 already came out. =P

Anyway~ I've got a new chapter of the NEW tentacle series--Tentacle Breeding on Earth--available!

I understand many readers may be confused by this chapter, or even the whole series so far. Tentacle Breeding on Earth is a direct sequel to Invasion of the Tentacle Breeding Creatures. I've yet to exactly point out the timeline in the story so far, but I promise that all of your questions about the timeline and how Alexandra is no longer the alien Queen of Earth will be answered.

I definitely understand any reader's frustration with the general plot in this serial series. I really, really wanted to just continue writing, but at 16,000 words, I figured that was enough for one chapter. Most things will be made clear by the upcoming third chapter (which is slated to be finished and posted by this weekend sometime). I've also kind of considered just releasing novellas instead--ie: writing the whole bundle and then releasing it instead of sprinkling the story as I get it finished. I'm always looking for a better way.

But yeah, new chapter~!

Available on Amazon (as Tentacle Creatures on Earth--cause "breeding" is a bad word. =X)

Alexandra is part of a shattered group of resistance fighters that are working to take back Earth from the tentacled aliens that now inhabit their former world. It’s no longer safe to even be on the planet or even close to it, leaving them confined within a space station orbiting Mars. Tension is high between the few members of their crew, and everyone could stand to relieve a little stress.

While in the showers, Alexandra is joined by an exotic, blue-skinned alien woman that is helping the human race take back Earth. After such a long time without the touch of another, will Alex be able to resist the advances of the alien beauty, or will Alex’s choices take her down a path of depravity unlike any she’s known before?

This special, TRIPLE-SIZE chapter is 16,000 words. It is an erotic short story, and contains many adult themes and situations.

An excerpt from Tentacle Breeding on Earth 2: Down Time
* * * * * * * * * *
Alex curiously poked at her food with a fork, finding herself not particularly hungry even after such a long shift. She took a few bites, but her mind was already drifting elsewhere, thinking of Mae’ixna. She still disliked the blue-skinned woman, but she didn’t have to like someone to acknowledge that her tongue was amazing. Alex wanted to feel that long, alien muscle pressing into her again, swirling, lapping, and playing at her sex. Just thinking of it brought a grin to her lips as she stared blankly ahead.

Kalina arched a brow as she tilted her head while staring at Alex. “Uh, you there?”

Alex blinked, instantly blushing deeply. “When did you get here…?”

“I just sat down a couple of seconds ago, and you were smiling, but spaced out as fuck.” The blonde grinned. “I assumed you were just happy to see me, except you didn’t respond at all.”

“S-sorry,” Alex shook her head, trying to come up with any kind of excuse. “I’ve been really…”

Kalina chuckled and shrugged. “It happens to all of us at some point or another. I won’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret that you’re bat shit crazy.” She winked playfully. “So, how was your shift? Was it more enjoyable after someone ate at the crossroads?”

“What?” Alex was still slightly out of it. “Oh,” she rolled her eyes, still embarrassed, “Yeah, I guess it was a little more bearable.” The brunette shrugged.

“I bet you spend your entire shift playing with yourself.”

Alex laughed. “No. I do my job.”

“Uh-huh,” Kalina nibbled at her bottom lip seductively. “I bet you unzip your jumpsuit the minute I leave and shove your hands down your panties. You just plow your fingers deep into your dripping pussy for ten hours straight.”

“I wish,” Alex rolled her eyes.

Kalina, however, wasn’t finished. “Yeah. You’re right. It’s probably only nine hours since you need time to clean up the dripping mess of cum that’s all over the seat and floor. You’re such a dirty, messy girl, Alex. I bet you’re the kind of slut that gets naked and cleans it up with your tongue. I’m sure that’s a show to see. Your cute, naked ass, up in the air with your back arched while you bend down and lap your juices from the floor. Your perky tits grazing against the cold metal of the floor, turning you on that much more. You just wish I’d come back and catch you being a naughty slut, don’t you?”

Alex was silent, captivated by the blonde’s words.

“Mm, your silence speaks volumes. You want me to catch you being a naughty girl, and punish you. How does this dirty slut like it? I bet she likes it when her hair’s pulled while someone’s fingers are pumping furiously into her pussy. But before she’s allowed to cum, she gets shoved onto her back and straddled. I bet she loves eating pussy as much as she loves having hers eaten. Cause, you’re that kind of girl, aren’t you, Alex?”

Alex swallowed slowly. It didn’t help that she was already turned on from her previous fantasies of Mae’ixna. It took all of her willpower to stop herself from nodding to the blonde’s provocative question. The brunette desperately needed to get off again. The need for sexual interaction had become the foremost thought in Alex’s head. She felt just how drenched with arousal her panties were when she anxiously rubbed her thighs together.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


So, I have a blog... that I've neglected for... a while. I've also kind of neglected my writing. Lots of things have been going on in my life. It's not really an excuse for my lack of commitment to my craft, but I figured I owed everyone an explanation. Most of the people I'm close with know already, so I figured it was just common courtesy to make it public knowledge.

A few months ago, I was dumped by my girlfriend of many wonderful years. It's hard to really say I didn't see it coming, though, because we've been through some rough patches. The breakup came from left field at the time, though. So, it hit me hard.

There was lots of drama on my end with lots of moping around, feeling sorry for myself, and just recovering in general. It was harsh, but I was able to come back through it with the help of a friend. He helped me take my mind off things and through the worst parts of my depression and all.

At the time, I didn't want to jump into anything too suddenly. I decided to move back home with my parents, which was... okay. It was nothing terrible, we got along fine, but after years of living on my own it was hard to adjust back.

Fast forward a bit, and uh... now I'm living with my friend--well, boyfriend now. <3

So, hearing, "I see you're through that lesbian phase," has been fun and glare-worthy. Why can't I like both? Some people... Hmph...

Things are settling down for me, since moving TWICE is a pain in the ass. I'm able to finally sit down and write a little more than a few paragraphs at a time. My life doesn't feel quite so empty, and I'm actually happy again, so that's a plus.

With that said, I'm still adjusting to a new city, but all-together, I think I'm back on track to maybe finishing some of the open stories I started forever ago.

Angelika still has a ways to go in the Trials of a Priestess series. Rawien, Vandel, and Elisabeth have some years left at Pandora North. And do you really think Earth can stay tentacle-infested? (maybe it can... I can't give that away. Come on...!)

The point is, I love these stories, and I pour my heart and soul into them. So, please don't lose faith in me. The loose ends will be tied up in these stories, and maybe then some. And, to the few people who will read them, thanks!

Also, maybe I'll blog more? I don't know.